Watches Havana Once - Zimmermann

The Shoe Diet Tamar Mendelssohn Zimmermann Ruffle Dress
The Shoe Diet Zimmermann Ruffle Dress

Zimmermann ruffle dress, Nan Fusco turquoise, opal, and diamond earring, K Jacques Carvelle sandal

The Shoe Diet Tamar Mendelssohn Nan Fusco Turquoise Diamond Earrings

We have called it "inspo" & "inspired by"

We have said we were "channeling" as in "my way too short mod dress is channeling Twiggy."

"Filtered by" can be used as an expression: "my trip to Cuba completely filtered my drink orders for the last 3 months."

The Shoe Diet Tamar Mendelssohn Zimmermann Ruffle Dress

"___-core" is another one. "I gained 7 pounds so I'm going for that mom-core look until I get it off."

These expressions describe distinct periods colored in a pronounced way. Today might be influenced by watching Dirty Dancing. Yesterday, Dior's West World runway show. Tomorrow, I'm hoping for a Saved By The Bell marathon.

There was the month last summer when I watched Family Ties from the beginning. Mallory's pussy bow blouses coincided with Gucci's Fall/WInter '17. Both influenced everything on my body for, well, until now. 

Now, the kids as we say, are saying "tries _____ once."

Used in a sentence it means when someone is completely different after being exposed to something. Like that that friend who went to France and when returned sprinkled fluer de sel incessantly in the accent of Pepe Le Pew. Or, that time I dated a skateboarder and decidedly wore surf shorts. Out.

Inspiration, mood, or whatever you call a movement is unavoidable. But what you call it shows how lit you are (or aren't.)

The Shoe Diet Tamar Mendelssohn Zimmermann Ruffle Dress Kjacque Sandal