Urban Jungle: plant segment 2

Elle Sasson top and shorts available at Tootsies, also available as a dress / Elle Sasson fringe biker / Pixie Market lace up goddess sandals / Dezso shark tooth earrings / YSL tote. this one is literally for sale, message me for deets

We know by now that wearing matching pieces A) is really easy. Think about that when you're packing your Coachella bag.  B) makes us look taller and leaner, even in extra wide leg shorts. Therefor, when Elle Sasson, mastermind of print-artistry and voluminous proportions, offers one: gobble it up like a brownie a la mode. 

Adding to her repertoire, Elle whipped up this supple-r than a baby bottom suede biker with fringe. A perfect festival-or-city-life outerwear piece to shimmy/order Starbucks in. Fashion bred by the inventor of sexy denim's Maurice Sasson (& an Israeli beauty queen if you were curious) therefor raised in the fashion world (I'm sparing you gene/jean puns here) Miss Sasson has hit it out of the park the year or so she's been debuting collections. Keep giving us what we want you young thing! 

Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies

Shot by Traci Ling