The seventies, remembered the way we want.

Tunic and kick flare pants, prefall '15 on The Shoe Diet
Citizens of Humanity cropped flare, Theory tunic (similar here)  Tamara Mellon sandals, Saint Laurent handbag that I found in tobacco suede, which aren't we all going bananas for?
Tunic and kick flare pants, prefall '15 on The Shoe Diet

They say that memories aren't accurate for lot of reasons, one of them being daiquiris consumed (I kid) but when you remember a memory, you are actually remembering the last time you remembered it. Follow? So, if you are now remembering that conversation you had with your roomie last January about your divvying your chores, you are actually remembering the time you thought about it last week when you saw a full sink, and that was actually a memory of a memory from two weeks prior when you saw the recycling needed to be taken out. This is of course a method that can't be very accurate, especially with all those beverages in between. So, you could bet your bottom dollar that she signed on for the recycling bit, but it's possible that you remembered it wrong, or remembered it from thinking that was a great idea and turned that into your memory.

I was thinking about that article I read as I was remembering the seventies, or what I know of them. Some other stylist and I were discussing the decade being back, but I thought, aren't the nineties also back? Because the nineties were supposed to be the reinvention of the seventies, so are we remaking the nineties that remade the seventies? Take brown lip liner, add a tattoo choker, chop your bell bottoms, and replace fish tank platforms with platforms with more shoes on them. Oh, and a shirt. To complete your Woodstock look, make it a tunic.

Tunic and kick flare pants, prefall '15 on The Shoe Diet

Now of course, there room for interpretation, like these different platform options. Which I see a 100

percent chance of you adopting in some fashion in the very near future. I'm also betting you have a wrap sandal right now, that's seventies enough for our look, so we'll alternate our look with those, especially for slim-ankle-days. Just for grins, lets put a lady like box bag on our shoulder, and we have a look. I hope I didn't confuse you, but let's face it, isn't fashion a little confusing? Like I said, this is all up for interpretation, which is why I have a job. So have fun getting groovy. Peace out, man.

Kick flare pants, wrap sandals, and lady like boxy bag. Prefall '15 on The Shoe Diet
Photography by Teresa Munisteri