The Best Vest

Split back camel vest for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet
Forever 21 split back vest, Forever 21 wool fedora, Caroline Costas boyfriend shirt, Jerome Dreyfuss felt handbag, Unearthed ring, Givenchy granny boot (from yesteryear, similar here for casual or these dressy ones) Lizzie Furtunato earrings, Lanvin sunglasses
Long tunic camel vest for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet

In an ever arching steal-from-the-boys theme to dressing, camel hair coats are up there on my outerwear list. It's a perfect match to coordinate over your boyfriend stolen striped Italian woven shirting, to this seasons black ankle-length tunic obsession. 

Standford and Son

But let's take a fresh approach on this golden classic. Made modern by the rebirthed color palate ranging from aubergine, navy, maroon, burnt orange, and whatever other shades they wore on Stanford & Son *see orange suede ---->

Camel is the natural (as in innate, not as in made in nature, because this was definitely made by a machine, that was made by another machine, that was invented by wo/man) outwear to be worn in the likes of those groovy hues. 

Unearthed ring and Jerome Dreyfuss wool bag on The Shoe Diet

Camel can be so much more, it can be reminiscent of a Burberry trench: classic, preppy, and prepared for all weather. Or a Ralph Lauren equestrian look, always looking regal in cable knits and ponchos while wading in high grass. Even Michael Kors' trademark is a Suntan named double faced wool.

So, if in one vest I can embody classic, clean, astute, borrow from the boys, and claim British coolness, sign me and my $34 up.

Lavender grey wool fedora hat on The Shoe Diet
Photography by Cooper Brown Studio
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies and Saint Cloud boutique