That's A Wrap (top) !! Life Updates & More!

Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Peter Cohen silk top
Peter Cohen pewter silk top, white beaver wool travel-able hat, Citizen cropped relaxed jean, Golden Goose superstar sneakers.

Get out your schedule book and pencil in some time for nothing.

I personally have, and it's lead me to discover robust hobbies I didn't know I had within me, like roasting beets and studying french.

Let me start from the top, and I promise I'll get around to what I'm wearing.

For six months now I've had the pleasure of being the Creative Director of Abejas Boutique, a local institution located right in the heart of Houston's West University. Abejas has in it's twenty years of business developed a cult of a following that I as an outsider couldn't comprehend. What was it about this place that all my clients spilled their piggy banks for? 

Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Peter Cohen silk top

I decided to figure it out the old fashion way. They say, if you want to learn spanish, backpack around Spain, eat sardines, and live as the locals do. What? You haven't heard that? Weird.

I digress. What I mean to say is, I didn't think I was going to change as much as I have, but lo-and-behold, just like a student back from a year abroad, I'm enriched af in Abejas. The style is Santa-Barbara-meets-the-French-country-side-meets-everywhere-Texas. The lifestyle is relaxed yet ultra motivated and efficient. 

Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Peter Cohen silk top and white hat

So, here I am, buying beets and radishes while reciting "Il fait chaud ici, ou bien est-ce juste toi ?" which translates to "is it hot in here, or is it just you?"

Totally apt for the kitchen, and totally apt for moi.

That's right. 

 I can't blame it on work (or can I? Is moving and heartbreak a write off?) but I've got my pup, my cat, and a case of champagne nicely situated in a new apartment all alone. I'm back as a single girl. One who knows cheesy come ons in three languages and how to set any kitchen on fire.

Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Citizen jeans

To position oneself for success, one most have a vision of what success is, and keep an eye on it. Like riding a bicycle, we go toward where we are looking. My mentors are women who create, grow, love, and embolden others like myself luckily. You know what they don't do? Tug on their clothes. I have not conversed deeply with one of my sages and been interrupted by their bra riding up. They don't put up with that shenanigans.

Let that sink in.

I threw away no less than three 16 gallon hefty bags of cute yet scratchy/itchy/wedgie-inducing des robes (read: dresses.) This, like an old job or flame, when kicked to the curb only opens opportunity for more. Enter Peter Cohen 4-ply (see I told you we were going to talk about what I was wearing!) 

It's 4 to 6 layers of silk, which means you can wear/be anything you want under and it's going to skim over it like a model at a buffet.

So, young grasshoppers, I have left you with a lot to muse over. Get comfortable, take your bra off, and until next time, au revoir.

Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Peter Cohen
Peter Cohen Capitol T dress, 32 pearl long wrap necklace, 3 pearl choker, Rocio G alligator clutch,  Golden Goose superstar sneakers.
Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Peter Cohen
Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Peter Cohen
Tamar Mendelssohn The Shoe Diet Peter Cohen