TGIForal & my Friyay plans

Red midi A.L.C. skirt, cropped maxi on The Shoe Diet
Elle Sasson crop top, A.L.C. midi skirt, Zuzette necklace available at Saint Cloud boutique, DUH & sex kitten bracelets both by Venessa Arizaga, Saint Laurent Betty handbag, Dior blue pump that's long gone but wouldn't these Loubs be the shizzle?
Elle Sasson tropical color blocked halter for end of summer '15 on The Shoe Diet

'It's the friggen WEEKEND time to have me some F U N "  I'm rapping (or something) while picking my Frayay wares to go to a Texas design show.

"Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce..." are these really lyrics? I wonder but repeat along and hope my new neighbors have karaoked this half as many times as I have...

Moving into the commercial space in front of my apartment is a design + decor shop, and luckily for me, it'll be owned by a good friend who's organizing the design show tonight. And good friends rap together. Spending a whole evening watching music videos is one of our favorite past times. We've belted out "sipping' on coke 'n' rum, I'm like so what I'm DRUNK" on a stage, in a car, on my couch, somewhere, at least once. His to-be opening spot of mid-century reclaimed furniture couldn't have me more thrilled. I've already made a list of requests:

1) Recover my formally black high-back dining chairs in fabric that is cat hair friendly. Meaning disguises cat hair. They might have to be made from cat hair, dyed to look like the cat, or screen printed with a collage of the cat. I'll ask him about that.

2) To borrow a ladder, hammer, hanging wire...actually my whole place can use a new design. Can he carve out an afternoon? 

3) Will you be offering happy hour? So, you're not a bar...that's what the last 'bar' said too.

Saint Laurent Betty box hand bag and Venessa Arizaga bracelets on The Shoe Diet

I jest!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Garrett and Co! We can't wait to howl at your construction noise and offer you gluten free vegan cookies. I'll intercept all your stray mail and thank you in advance for signing off on my shoe deliveries. What are friends for?? Let's memorize the Menil bistro specials together. Knock on my door for a cup of sugar any time (but I will probably give you agave nectar, just a heads up)

A.L.C midi skirt cropped maxi trend. Pre fall '15 on The Shoe Diet

"Can I get a T O O T  T O O T
Can I get a B E E P  B E E P..."

Dior blue pumps, pre fall on The Shoe Diet
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies and Saint Cloud Boutique
Photography by Cooper Brown Studio