Tassels, an accessory for your accessory

Tassel clutch
This clutch is steal at $44!

What says "caliente" more than little pom poms of yarn hanging every which way like an elaborate piñata? An actual piñata maybe, which would be convenient to combat low blood sugar. But if you're not going to paper mache your handbag with goggly eyes and deployable candies, I can recommend an accessory for your arm or neck that's just as festive.

This little yarn ball of fun was discovered by one of my many late night searches. I don't know if it's insomnia, or my relentlessness, but once I get started, I can't stop. Then thankfully to whatever night's sleep I was going to get, this bag popped up. I couldn't believe the price for. So. Many. Tassels. (That's insomniac voice) The black, white, as well as every other color the human eye can read, really encompassed the mainstays of my summer wardrobe palette. So after three clicks and typing my mailing address it was en route to me. Now I can't wait to tassel everything, like a tassel-a-thon, for staying remote drinking cocktails. Or a Be-tassel-er, for when you aren't up to 'dazzle.' Or I'll keep scrolling and clicking my search engine pages, until I have enough tassels.