Take it personally

Edie Parker bespoke clutch on The Shoe Diet

Everyone is a special snow flake and there is no better way in finding out how special people can be than by trying to plan a group dinner. Between sustainability, local, raw, vegan, wheat, and allergens, no two diners will align their food preferences. But before you shake your fist at celiac, remember that it's the differences in people that make a gluten free pizza go round.

So, in this lets-go-crazy-with-custom-options world, let us celebrate our differences. Don't fit a standard shirt size? Send us your measurements. Don't like the pineapple decal, don't worry, there's a cactus option too. And for the Kerri, Kheri, Carries of the world, we've got you covered. And not covered in a concealer, Band-aid kind of way. Covered like a middle school Trapperkeepers, every square centimeter optimized with overlapping band stickers, names of boys, names of boy bands, etc. A precursor, if you will, to the form of individuality expressed legally after the age of 18 by tattoos, piercing, hair dye. More than just beauty, we say ‘this is my show, and this is how it’s run.' We also say, ‘this has my name on it, so don’t even think about taking it.' 

Want an outlandish special clutch to call your own? Get to know your designers: Edie Parker offers a range of  toucan-to-‘taken’ clutches, with one surely to fit your needs. There’s something comforting in being able to claim something without confusion, like the embroidered towel you bring to summer camp insuring without a doubt, you won’t be left out wet to dry.

So use your special name and preferences, the sky/cloud sticker is the limit.

Photo by Chris Brown, bag by Edie Parker