The suede find of a century

Tan suede moto for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet
Forever 21 tan suede moto, Zara tie from blouse (similar here,) Lizzie Furtunato camel clutch, Lizzie Fortunate pyramid earrings, Topshop cropped flare jeans, Altuzzura French Lover sandals,  
Tan suede moto for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet

A quest for the perfect jacket can be a bit daunting. Whether you're looking for utility, statement, charm, or trend-stay-tivity a lot can be said, and is spoken with outerwear. 

Tan suede moto for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet

There are jacket that define a look, the iconic Pucci ski jacket, Saint John's knit, Saint Laurent motorcycle, Chanel tweed, etc that I've devoted myself to collecting, yet, I have scratched jacket itches on easy finds in between.

In Amsterdam I found a navy bomber for 60 Euro that I used for motorbike rides that chiller-than-expected afternoon. That purchase was made on a whim in '09 and can't be more perfect than for a season (this one) built around the color trio maroon, navy, and camel.  Trio that'll turn into white, pale pink and navy for spring, so should you see a navy jacket, get it too. 

Tan suede moto and silk tie blouse for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet

But I digress, my point is that sometimes you find a jacket that's well, a find. Maybe you're casually scrolling though the internet, as I was, for an ankle length side split tunic, when I happened to find a whole suede section on the Forever 21 website. How that happens, I don't know, but I bet there a group of phycologists and web designers that do and are making a bundle as we click around. 

The internet is distracting enough and when there is a steal to be had on this season's iconic tan suede jacket, consider it carted and bought. So, not it's not by one of my favorite French lines or Italian designers, but a girl's gotta don what a girl's gotta don.

Lizzie Fortunado camel safari clutch and Aquazzura French Lover sandals for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet

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Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies and Saint Cloud Boutique 
Photography by Cooper Brown Studios