Shiny is the new black

Over the knee skirt for fall '15 outfit on The Shoe Diet
Alice & Olivia brocade skirt and pussy bow top, Elizabeth & James fringed vest, Balenziaga retro sunglasses, Jerome Dreyfuss wool one shoulder handbag, Unearthen amethyst ring, Zara over the knee boots that you can replicate
Cocktail fall '15 look on The Shoe Diet

If there's anything I learned from Sex In The City, it's talking to your girlfriends about everything solves everything, publish it in your newsletter, and to always wear your best.

Details Jerome Dreyfuss wool bag for fall '15 on The Shoe Diet

I get in these lazy fits that can be described as monochro-chic at best and slug-core at worst, where I combine tees, jeans, hats, and shoes in the same color and dub it a thought-out outfit. Great on occasion, but if you, like Carrie and myself, have your money hanging in your closet, sometimes in the form of sequined frocks, you should pull out something shiny.

What I'll call 'shine-ay all day' (rhymes with rosé all day, obviously) could be an homage to Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent, a sequined rocker that wears shiny mini dresses or metallic tops with ripped jeans. Is she going to the club later, or did she not change from her adventures the night prior. Maybe both? 

You try it - sequins to the office! I recently wore lurex to work. A gold lamé top with a sheen capable of blinding someone,under fluorescent lights, before noon. I greeted clients with fervor that only a disco can bring out in a person. You might surprise yourself with the charisma some glitz can add. YES! You ARE excited to be at work and YES it's Monday and YES you are still wearing your Instagrammed Sunday brunch outfit!! 

Today, pull out your shiny best, and YOU be a frock star.

Photography by Cooper + Ricca
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies and Saint Cloud