The shirt repurpose trick (and what I've learned)

Wrap button down with crisp white shorts by The Shoe Diet
Frank & Eileen button-down, Alexis pleated shorts, Stella McCartney cross body, Alyssa Norton braided bracelet, Old Navy wrap sandals
Wrap button down with crisp white shorts by The Shoe Diet

Trying to reinvent your shirt? This maneuver is as sly as a well dressed fox if you do it right, and trust me because I've done it wrong. 

Altuzzura bodysuit

I first saw this innovative wardrobe hack in the form of a new piece, a bodysuit by Aluzzura (see right.) Then, as trends do, the looks was popping up everywhere and by everywhere I mean Popsugar, InStyle, and complete with a video tutorial on Refinery 29.

I eagerly skipped over all the directions provided, thrilled to try it myself with an old favorite striped button down; obviously not needing to heed any advice, as I myself am a professional clothing advisor. I now have attempted this servral time, and if I wasn't too stubborn to read the original advice, I could tell you if I add anything those other articles do not cover. Either way, I bet they won't tell you about flashing someone in a meeting, because I totally did that.

Learn some tips that I have learned the hard way.

1. Make sure your shirt is long enough, therefore will stay tucked in.

2. Button the buttons. I have had high hopes of my shirt staying closed from tucking alone only to flash those seated across from me.

Stella McCartney hot pink cross body by The Shoe Diet

3. Tuck your shirt into your underwear if you have to. If you're like me, baggy pants like these Alexis shorts is your middle name. That won't hold your shirt down, but stretchy panties will (double points if you've got Spanx on)

4. Cheat and get the Altuzzura top.

Alyssa Norton bracelet by The Shoe Diet
Old Navy wrap sandals for a steal by The Shoe Diet

Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies and Saint Cloud boutique

Shot by Traci Ling