A work-to-cocktails outfit for pre fall

A.L.C. dress and Acne Studios lace top on The Shoe Diet
A.L.C. jumper, Acne Studios lace turtle, Alexander McQueen clutch, Claire Webb stud earrings, Topshop heels
A.L.C jumper dress with Acne Sudios lace high neck blouse on The Shoe Diet

Not every work wardrobe is built the same. 

The fashion industry has a murky border of 'professionalism.' You're salaried to build the wickedest of wardrobes. The Million Dollar Listing of outfits. How do you showcase your abilities?

Acne Studios high neck lace blouse on The Shoe Diet

I have my theories, the don't-judge-a-hair-stylist-by-thier-hair theory. I have had many salon successes by someone who looks like they stuck their finger in a socket. Sometimes a stylist can get it wrong, really wrong. Luckily outfits are easier to change than hair damage.

There is also the wear-the-same-thing-every-day-uniform. Most commonly worn by Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs. This specific uniform intends to keep the brain focused on work and away from daily outfitting. What about work being daily outfitting?

A.L.C. dress details on The Shoe Diet

Styling requires a lot of utility; it involves a lot of moving around. Walking, pulling the longest of gowns and jumpsuits that I need to carried way over my head, hauling armloads of clothes back and forth, exposure to humidity for car deliveries, getting on the ground for tailoring. My phone has to be with me at all times answering texts from clients and emailing buyers. Therefore, every outfit of mine has requirements: to have a pocket for my phone and chapstick (lip balm, you know) since I'm normally separated from my purse, a long enough hem to not flash anyone, and shoes that keep me traveling fast. There can be no straps falling, 'cleavage' spilling, or side boob. Not because it's not fashionable as a stylist, but because I have to move around without worrying about anything falling out. 

So, to avoid theory number one, I relent my creativity into a uniform-esqu formula: jeans, top, blazer, flats. I don't have to overthink my mornings when I try to go to the gym, write, or both.

But then there are D A Y S .

You know the ones. Maybe a right-after-work cocktail party, it could be a sexy lunch date, or girls' happy hour. A day worth getting a blister and separating from your chapstick for...

Topshop green velvet pumps on The Shoe Diet
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies
Photography by Cooper Brown Studio