Who wants to skip $400 on their sunglass tab?

Pixie Market vs Miu Miu sunglasses

Pixie Market sunglasses pictured here for $16 but feel free to check out Miu Miu's for $415

I have a copy-cat moral code: I will only buy a copy if I found it first, therefore genuinely not knowing it was ripped off from another designer. As this story goes, I was happily scrolling through the Pixie Market website, looking for something the right price to bump me into the free shipping minimum order amount. I was so close, maybe an accessory would get me there, and  needed a new pair of sunglasses anyway. I had seen embellished cat eyes around and really wanted a pair that was colorful and more lively that your typical black or tortoise shell options. Plus, for something that goes on your face, we should be having a good time! Then I saw these, and it was love at first lens, exempt they were sold out. I went ahead and disappointingly paid the shipping cost, totally disparaged at my could be sunglass acquisition. A month or so later, without being able to shake off thinking about these cat eyes, I randomly searched them. They were restocked! And I had found their very expensive italian twin/cousin. $16 + shipping cost and two days later, they were on my face and I couldn't be happier, especially with the extra dough I just leaned that I had saved.