Pastel for fall

Navy fringe vest on The Shoe Diet
LaMarque fringe vest, Wilt side split cami similar from Foreves for $24, Sophie Hulme nano, J Brand pink jeans that I DIY'd the hem or you can get the look already made here, Balenciaga sunnies, MCL ring, Tamara Mellon wrap sandal
Bandana on The Shoe Diet

I, for one, am doing a lot of pink-thinking this September. 

It's one thing when Raf Simon's Dior sends a parade of pastel pink dresses and matching coats down the runway, which he did do for fall, which he so Simon-ly calls "part church, part garden, part nightclub in Ibiza."

But when the contemporary designers start pummeling it out, is when I start paying attention. Vince, in their easy-to-get-out-the-door effortlessness, put their own version of a twin set coat + pullover on the line, making the look easier to achieve than getting ice cream delivered to your apt at 3 a.m.

Fringe vest on The Shoe Diet

As a great soft neutral to weigh down with darker navy, black, and brown. Pink and lilac are the under (pigmented) dogs of the season.

Sophie Hulme nano bag on The Shoe Diet

Naturally, feeling inspired and digging through clothing of yore,my closet, I grabbed some pink jeans and hacked them. My favorite fashion DIY is cutting denim, so much transformation, no skill needed.

Gold minimal hoop on The Shoe Diet
Pink cropped flare jean on The Shoe Diet
Pastel for fall on The Shoe Diet
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies
Photography by Cooper Brown Studio