Paris blues

Open back button down oxford shirt with denim culottes for summer
Open back crisp white oxford
Open back crisp white oxford
Tassel and feather necklaces
Les Néréides lemon earrings, yellow details
Asos open back oxford, Gap denim culotte, Pixie Market sunglasses are sold out in black but get them in tortoise for $16 or break the bank for the Prada original, MOON ˚C Paris feather necklace (up and comers don't have this necklace online but get something else great by them here or this similar one by Isabel Marant), H&M tassel necklace, Les Néréides mimosa flower and fern earrings, Celine luggage tote, VC Signature criss cross sandals

While packing for Paris I was scrolling through my favorite sites, and by favorite I mean speedy. Two day shipping and me are like ham and cheese, especially before a trip, where I gather a ton of last minute inspiration, like this open back oxford. It popped up in my inbox from another blogger covering an open back obsession moment she was having, wearing a crisp woven flutter back button-down over a golden tan (seriously look at the picture, you'll want one too). Perfect for a day filled with pastries, rosé, and shopping in Paris, oui? Non, it was $551 clams, which would seriously dips into my shoe-shopping-Euros fund. This blogger though linked an affordable Asos version, which, at a tenth of the price, I double clicked on faster than a 'kitten cuddles with his bearded dragon picture' into a shopping bag.

Also affordable, can I get an AMEN for denim culottes? These are from Le Gap, a nostalgic shopping mecca that although doesn't capture my heart with it's fragrances like it did in the 90's, still has a niche making basics. Take culottes, I needed (read: demanded) a denim pair. It need not be designer, because I save my pennies for pants that are tight on my butt, but it needed a good wash. Gap had them, and 20% off and well spend, I'm wearing the fu** out of them. I recently shot a 5-ways-to-wear-denim-culottes in these, not counting this post from Paris. You're welcome, if that was how you planned on getting dressed this summer, and sorry in advance if you're not, but you are missing out. 

Another awkward segway, speaking of missing out - I'm finally utilizing many relationships. For one, I talk all about my friend with handbag benefits in France here, which is where I get my friend Céline that I'm locking arms with. And for another, have a ever mentioned that my fiancé minored in photography? We've never shot together. I've been blogging for years and with amazing photographers that are rad friends, but I have one in my very own apartment (and bed oh la la). These picture series here is our stumbling love child. The learning curve included a rental digital with some not fashion-y lens because all of his cameras are film which yet sounds romantic but je ne sais pas dark room. We survived that + me comparing him to Traci, which just isn't fair for so many reasons (have you seen her? She's as cute as a button.) Him being behind the camera collaborating with me was so touching. It reminded me of everything he does for me, whether it's because he enjoys it (brews iced coffee, laundry, plants flowers for bees) or to make me happy (everything else) as well as how talented he is. It's uncanny, sometimes what you need is right in front of you, or in my case, sharing a duvet with you.