Overall reaction

Overalls and bell sleeve top on The Shoe Diet
Alexis bell sleeve top, Asos overalls (similar here,) Adina Mills necklace, Topshop mules, Vintage Dior glasses from Smith's that could easily be upgraded to these by her highness Victoria Beckham
Yayoi Forest gold branch earrings on The Shoe Diet

How do you address the issue of a whole movement, or trend? This happens to me every time a decade takes over, this being the seventies of course, which is trickling into my wardrobe one retro piece at a time. First, a flared jean, then a bell sleeve top caught my eye, and lastly (but definitely not lastly) a pair of vintage Dior glasses. 

Overalls and bell sleeve top on The Shoe Diet
Adina Mills necklace on The Shoe Diet
Overalls and Top Shop camel mules on The Shoe Diet
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies with accessories courtesy of Saint Cloud Boutique
Photography by Chris Brown