Outfit upcycling

Tibi top, Front Row shop skirt, Asos sunglasses, Aquazzura sandal, Serpui Marie striped clutch available at Tootsies

Wedding season is upon us, actually it's been around, and for weeks events have whizzed by. There have been dresses and outfits that we have of course, contemplated buying, then nabbed, and worn. There was planning with certainty who will be at which event, with what what weather, the city scape, terrain, etc. would be and therefore why each outfit should be worn for each occasion. But geez, it's getting far along in the season here and sometimes the outfits need to be broken apart and reconfigured for new audiences. Like Legos, I'm taking my toys apart and playing with them again for extended hours of entertainment. So this Tibi top that's got it's off-the-shoulder look that we've been into for a year now, can be worn with this skirt that is doing that cropped-maxi thing we are just getting into. Throw on our favorite lady/granny/sexy sandal, and we have an outfit Houston! And what was that? There's a cocktail/evening/wedding/ thing friday night? And my/your/my neighbor's ex is going to be there? That sounds like it could be fun....now that I've figured out what I could maybe possibly wear.

Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies

Shot by Traci Ling