Online shop discovery time!

Alexis top on sale, Front Row Shop satin midi skirt, Asos cat eye sunglasses, YSL shoe similar via The Real Real

I'm always looking for a cheap escape online,  sometimes flights, lacquered trays, but mostly clothes I think I might only love for a short time. I might end up loving them for an eternity, like the Forever 21 white colorless poly-techno boyfriend blazer I wear to work once a week. But I might not, like the bins that I end up hauling to get donated. Recently, I was in search of a midi or ankle length skirt like the 90's reincarnated slips I keep wearing (click here and here) until I stumbled upon one at the Shanghai based site Front Row Shop. It's not necessarily new, as I discovered an article about it from '13, but alas, it was new to me and even though it had R29's seal of approval, I'm always hesitant trying a new site, since I have ordered and been disappointed by 'craftsmanship' time and time again. I will gladly attest though that the items I ordered came in looking and feeling great, not like they missed the quality mark. This skirt for instance, has the hand and heaviness of satin, even if it's polyester, and is cut on the bias a la the curve-loving Cavalli would do. No, it probably wasn't made by hand by an expert italian yenta seamstress, but it'll do the job (probably at every wedding this summer), and possibly skip being donated.

Shot by Traci Ling