A one piece ensemble

Carven polo shirt

The Joys Of Moving A melodrama parody about a young woman changing apartments so many times that  her cat debates leaving her for more stability. So, the update on my life is that my apartment is still a mountain of boxes, which has turned from bad to doubly bad since I've reinvented boxes into useful objects aside from storage, like sofa side tables and kitchen islands. Cardboard is not going to be celebrated as any kind of genius norm core interior decor movement. So not only is there a visual offense taking place, but also where the hell are my things? They are in the boxes of course, so getting dressed for anything other than purely entertainment has been an expert level game of hide-and-seek. Thus, comes my outfit for every, even professional, occasion: a dress. The busier the better. So, if you are like me and have half your things hidden from yourself, or living partially at a boyfriends, or haven't unpacked your suitcase from your last vacation, let me remind you that a dress can take you anywhere, as long as it is pressed and clean.

Carven polo shirt dress


Carven dress courtesy of Tootsies

Shot by Traci Ling