It's a mod, mod, world

Mod color blocked brights
Rainbow striped Valentino bag bright outfit
Mod color blocked brights
Rainbow striped Valentino bag

Illia clementine scuba jacket available at Tootsies Houston / Majestic white turtleneck top / J Brand electric blue cropped jeans / Christian Dion blue pumps / Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses / Valentino striped shoulder bag /  Claire Webb stacked rings / wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies / shot by Traci Ling

Here we are in January. Depending where you are, it may be freezing and gloomy, or it may be an even seventy degrees and sunny, but one thing is universal (read: my personal opinion) we want color. Or white, or chambray, Give us spring already we say impatiently with our clothing and colors we choose to wear on our bodies that haven't seen the sun on the reg for months (mine is currently spray tanned, so you can't tell.) We don't need linen but give us colors that are bright, and go away wool that is black, grey, and ox blood, until we are excited to see you again next pre-fall. We need space.