How to layer in June

Blue, white, stripes, & print.

Sweater weather isn't just for months with an 'r' (neither are oysters if you ask me) even if Houston sticks to a sweaty 100+ degrees, there are times when layering is necessary. It's safe to say that everywhere you go between here and Cape Cod will have their air conditioning on full blast, leaving teeth chattering and goosebumps no less than three White Russians (the cocktail, silly) can assuage. That's cotton layers come in handy, and no one lightly knits sweaters better that A.L.C. I also highly rate a cotton knit jacket. they can be balled up with out even having to take a trip to the dry cleaner to bounce back to their original shape. Pair those beat-up-able toppers to your favorite beat up cut offs and we've got ourselves an outfit. Any sandals will do but I found these for $22 - probably 'designer inspired' and feel like little pillow under my feet.

Iro jacket, A.L.C. sweater, Rag & Bone cut offs, A Peace Treaty earrings, Minor Obsessions #1 necklace available at Saint Cloud Boutique, Retro Super Future sunglasses, Vanessa Arizaga clutch, Old Navy sandals ($22!!)
Shot by Traci Ling
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies and Saint Cloud Boutique