French with benefits

Sandro white fringe top and striped skirt
Sandro white fringe top and striped fringe skirt
Sandro striped skirt and fringe top
Sandro silk white fringe top
Sandro Josy striped skirt
Sandro skirt, also check out the dress version. This particular Sandro top is sold out but check out these other white silk tops I regret not getting here and here. Michael Kors chunky heel espadrille sandalsPixie Market sunglasses are sold out in black but get them in tortoise for $16 or big with the Prada original. My friend Libby's YSL clutch. I would give you her address if it didn't risk loosing my bag loaning privileges. Alas, you can buy the newest version here.

You know you're a Texan when....

Paris, a sea of #neutralcore - mid height heels, neutral colors, and slim-ish silhouettes. A perfect place to pack your most 'normal' things and leave with a suitcase filled with the flamboyant flare that Parisians discard. Twice a year Paris holds a city wide government enforced sale or soldes. This is major news for Parisians and globe trotters alike, as I witnessed another English speaking shopper stock up on Iro's signature moto jacket in no less than three seasonal pastel colors.

You won't regret sale time, but your wallet sure will.

 As I browsed the Iro, Sandro, and A.L.C. boutiques, the racks specifically allotted to sale were all seemingly bright in color, which was absolutely fine with me and my Texas return, where the style is more caliente. Which leads me to believe, or at least tweak a colloquialism about, that one Parisians trash is a Texan's treasure.

Therefor being able to grab this Mexican blanket-cum-wrap-skirt for pennies on the Euro, which probably reminds a local of tacky sofa upholstery. To me it feels like home!

Of course we ask ourselves if we are "tres chic" enough while being among the devoutly colorless (unless you consider a red lip part of a wardrobe) but we have to reevaluate once out of the neighborhood. I have already worn my Mexican blanket on Texas soil twice since I have been back and have no regrets. At least until my credit card statement comes in