Clothes to be active or not active in.

Elevated active wear by Outdoor Voices and Tienda Ho

It's that time of the year where I'm looking at how i'm measuring up to my New Year's resolutions. Not that great I'd have to say, but not bad enough to scrap them all together *whew* in the fitness and strength department. That being said, going to the gym will be more likely to happen if it doesn't need an extra pit-stop to change beforehand, BUT let's be real here: I get dressed every day on the off chance of running into A. the meanest person from my high school B. Anna Wintor, especially since she was just here in Houston C. a really hot ex flame. You have GOT to be prepared. Thus, going to the gym stylishly. Like how Beyoncé probably really wakes up (that reference will never be stale to me) and plus, those cool kids A,B, and C, are going to be even more impressed by me when I'm ripped.

Enter elevated active wear. It's cute, it's stylish, you can jog in it, and then go grab coffee with a friend. Also, let us bring in loungewear because it's as versatile from couch to street. Saint Cloud has brought in two lines that encapsulate all the activeness and lounging one could do with Outdoor Voices and Tienda Ho, which I've got on here. I love the feel of OV's sportswear. They are really soft and as flattering as the big dogs in athletic wear, all while being from Texas and made in the U.S. Tienda Ho on the other hand is exotically made in Morocco, but fit for a breezy Cali-like look. Don't believe me? Then check in later this week on TSD to see round two of leisure inspired ensembles, or Rice Village to the Saint Cloud boutique (ps it's really pretty.)

Elevated active wear by Outdoor Voices and Tienda Ho
Elevated active wear by Outdoor Voices and Tienda Ho
Jerome Dreyfuss bag
Bracelets by Gabriela Artigas,  Miansai, and Alyssa Norton with Pamela Love star ring
Pamela Love earring

Outdoor Voices hooded sweatshirt and leggings / Tienda Ho caftan vest / Gabriela Artigas two bar bracelet and Miansai wrap anchor bracelet / Alyssa Norton braided bracelet / Pamela Love ring / Jerome Dreyfuss bag / all available at available at Saint Cloud boutique exceeeeept my New Balance sneakers

Shot by Teresa Munisteri

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