Parisian date night

White Sandro fringe dress
Sandro white fringe dress, Junco Paris necklace (their boutique is the cutest and a must-see in the Marais, promise me you'll go, but you should also check our these adorbs Minor Obsession necklaces perfect for a southern girl herehere) Top Shop knot mules, Pixie Market sunglasses but there's a Mui Mui pair uncannily similar, YSL clutch
Sandro white fringe dress

Paris, the city of love. There's shoe love, food love, friend love, french fry love, rosé love, little fringe dresses love, and a little thing called romance. 

I've been to Paris in two very different romantic situations: the first time with my friends in collage, two of which were living there abroad. There, in a Metro stop underground, wearing a brand new striped skirt and pink moto jacket that I had purchased on my trip, a strange french man proposed to me on bended knee. I was baffled "me? This much commitment right off the bat? Are you sure...?" To which my Parisian-dude-sweet-talker-savvvy friends just rolled their eyes. This was a recurring theme on the whole trip: 1) step out onto public 2) get professions of love from strangers. Trés similaire Pepé Le Pew. 

You know how they say you'll miss the cat calling when it stops. It's total bullshit. It's only now, long after the crumbs of my last croissant has vanished, did realize I didn't get stopped once by a stranger amorously. The luxuries of aging! Is it my confedence? Premature setting of fine lines? My groove being back? That kept them away..? Who cares? Did hitting-on tactics change? I hope! Did I rely on UberPop and avoid the metro? Most definitely. 

Details, white Sandro fringe dress

But enough about strangers and onto my betrothed. 

Raj and I did have quite an eventful date at Palais de Tokyo. Soon after our arrival, one of Raj's friends Instagrammed a picture of the Eifel tower with a caption bragging about his view. It was a friend living in New York that Raj hadn't talked to most recently, perhaps due to the last short time being spent working on installing an exhibit in Paris' museum of contemporary and modern art. After a few funny texts about the coincidence, Raj ordered me to (twist my arm) that I buy a dress (example in picture above.) Our friend put us on the list for the grand opening, a swanky party sponsored by Absolute Vodka, and the exhibit. We danced the night away at the crew's party held afterward with a DJ and free flowing champagne right on the museums stone steps, as well as the after-after party at a "tacky mexican saloon."  I met professional drone videographers, costume designer,and a roboticist, you know, as you do.

Oh, and there was a dinner with my man at Monsieur Bleu. The whole evening was set with a view of the Eiffel tower, which I would have missed otherwise, and completely forgot to Instagram. 

Oh well, until next time..

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