A compromise between cool and glamour

A.L.C. high neck floral dress on The Shoe Diet
A.L.C. dress, Zara loafers, yellow fanny pack that you can get in PVC for sports games and music festivals, Tom Ford sunglasses, earrings by Claire Webb
Mirror cat eye Tom Ford glasses on The Shoe Diet
A.L.C. high neck floral dress on The Shoe Diet

Nestled somewhere between 'cool girl' and 'glamour queen' Olivia Polermo teaches a class-act class on style. Sitting front and eager to learn, I have taken away 3 lessons:

1) to not be afraid of shorts and heels

2) to not be afraid of dresses and flats

3) wear shiny glasses.

In my own efforts to fuse the two fashion worlds, cool and glamour, I've included a fanny pack to a high necked floral dress. The Victorian neckline of choice with an accessory typically fit for an out of place tourist. Rochas had made a dorky accessory elegant enough to wear with a dress, even if it's too small to contain anything but a chapstick, much less a phone.

But what is a cool girl if not hand in hand with her Instagram account at all times? Or maybe a another hand held prop, like a credit card ready to swipe for an iced coffee when a caffeine fix is needed. I don't know, those are both things I definitely always need.

A.L.C. high neck floral dress on The Shoe Diet

Caring about being cool all while trying to look glamorous is a balance hard to strike. There are hem lines that juxtapose sleeve lengths, prints that clash/compliment, fabrics and finishes. The formula is not having a formula.

 So what is a woman (or dress wearing man) to do? It dawned on me only moments ago that I could expand my daytime uniform of cut offs, a silk blouse, and loafers to a dress. Specifically a dress with flats. So, is the key replacing a singular core piece while leaving all the accouterments? Like using a pencil with the opposite hand, sometimes one small change is all creativity needs.

A.L.C. floral dress on The Shoe Diet

"Let's get it on" - these clothes

Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies
Photography by Cooper Brown Studios