Bags that are better than black

Alexander McQueen blue Union Jack clutch

Alexander McQueen "britannia Skull' clutch / shot by Traci Ling

I've never been into black bags. Sure, I might have bought one (or two or three) for practicality's sake, but not for the sheer and joy if it. Once as a teenager, I bought a hot pink satin wristlet that had a shrimp embroidered over one side of it. I managed to work it into every going out outfit, and to the 'office' quite often as well. I wore that shrimp bag into the ground. Other bags that have made my heart sing, but I have destroyed, are a kelly green epi leather Louis Vuitton 'speedy' and an orange suede Givenchy 'nightingale.' I wore them out because I wore them so much. Sure, I still have my black bags, as they are almost indesctructable and definitely un-stain-able. But do I reach my un-accessoried arm for them? Not hardly. For that I reserve a bag of a brighter hue, print. or pattern. Even white is safer from ennui than black, as my clutch of choice currently is a white minaudière. All this thought makes me wonder, is a bag's stain-ability what makes me want to get my hands on it more? 

Bright handbag picks for spring 2015


Handbags from top left: Alexander McQueen 'britannia Skull' box clutch $1,695, ouse Of Holland faux fun handcuff clutch $378, Jimmy Choo 'candy' white acrylic bag with silver stars $895, asks flower and beaded bag $66.33, Pixie Market beaded garden party clutch $99, Nila Anthony 'All Eyes On You' clutch $45, Stella McCartney 'superhero' clutch $1,090, Edie Parker 'Jean' watermelon clutch $2,441