In case you feel like dressing up for America's bday

Self-Portrait lace slip red dress
Self-Portrait red lace slip dress
Self-Portrait lace slip red dress
Details: rings by Claire Webb and cat earrings by Les Néréides
July 4th Tribute by YSL
Self-Portrait dress, Les Néréides cat earrings, Snake rings by Claire Webb, gold basket weave cuff similar here, Saint Laurent Betty bag via Tradesy or a fun poppy print, Saint Laurent Tributes available in red suede or on sale in a metallic red

America, we know you always put on a show for your special day, so why don't we dress up? I was just ruminating to myself about how it's the weekend, and normally on the weekends there is one  night with a dressy enough occasion to require heels, yet this weekend will not. Even though it's Saturday night, this year, like every year, I will be dressed in some variation of cut offs, swim wear, a tee, and chapstick. But that doesn't mean you will. For instance, what a great night for a wedding; fireworks -> a given. Anyway, you know what your schedule is, I'm just here to give suggestions, like this Self-Portrait dress. It's one of those, first-excuse-I-can-find-to-wear-it things, as is all of their dresses for me. If you're a fan of the line Three Floor, these piece-y dresses might look familiar to you. They have one guy in common, Han Chong. Former Three Floor creative director has made his own private label, Self-Portrait, feminizing his previous line's designs while keeping costs reasonable. What's not to like? I'll take one of everything plz.

Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies
Photo taken by a friend on the wrong setting, then edited by the photography wizard Traci Ling