All white errything

Sometimes getting dressed really needs a cookie break. That's me - I'm always one to eyeball snacks when I've got a task at hand. I just have to make sure I have been fed. So, now that our blood sugar has been properly leveled, what do we feel like wearing? Lately, like a nightclub from 2005, I've been doing all white everything. 

It's white season after all, and even though it has become more than appropriate to wear white all year, there is a certain cachet summer breathes into crisp white. Maybe I'm thinking of suntans and bronzers. Those most certainly help. And not having to match colors makes shopping, planning outfits, and picking a wine color all the easier. But speaking of wines, whites, and blends, do you mix your shades of white? I do, and I have a few pointers if you want 'em.

1) Think in threes: pick two whites the same shade and one that's different. I.E. white jacket and shorts with a creme shirt, or eggshell sweeter and skirt with a white blazer BOOM looks intentional. 2) Divide your whites so that they are far away from each other. Use pants, belts, and necklaces tp distract that they are in fact not matching. 3) Get every else drunk. I learned this tactic from my fiancee, who also taught me how debate while taking shots. Or at least I have taken shots with him. 

I hope that helps, and if nothing else, I hope you have good friends to drink with XO

Rag & Bone top, Theory skirt, Michael Kors shoes from '11 but get the look with these or these, Wanderlust + Co. zig-zag bracelet, Gryson bag in tan but here in blue, Balenciaga sunglasses
Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies
Shot by Traci Ling