A fun Valentine's for all

The cool girl's Valentines day outfit
The cool girl's Valentines day outfit
Equipment embellished collar and pink moto vest
Edie Parker custom clutch
YSL Tribute sandals in red, white, and navy.

Equipment white embellished collar top / Drew Clothing white wide leg pant available at Tootsies similar here / pink sleeveless moto vest by Jacket available at Tootsies. Shop similar here or here / Edie Parker bespoke 'Tams' clutch, make one of your own here / YSL tribute sandal found in solid tan, black, or blue / shot by Traci Ling / wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies

Oh c'mon, are you lacking enthusiasm for doilies and lace hearts? Don't fear, the Laid Back Valentine's Date is here. We all know that eating out can be a disaster February 14th. I'm an expert on the matter, it being my dad's bday means having a lifetime of witnessing horrifying and humiliating dates dining out on the big night. So, whether you stay in and order pizza with your roommate (read: cat), or have a picnic in the park with a lover, or have a wine and cheese night with your friends, remember to have fun. There's no use in wasting an opportunity to dress up in a theme, even if it's in your pjs (especially if it's in your pjs)