A slice of hip retail sunshine in Saint Cloud boutique: a video

If there was a little slice of L.A. or a sunny New York spot, or maybe a Miami art deco haven, in the form of a retail space + architecture + design + goods, it would be Saint Cloud. It's like taking a little vacation, just try it and you can feel your urban shopping experiences broaden.

I have previously raved about being able to find clothing to work out or lounge to your healthy heart's content here and here, but here's the little ditty L. Avenue and I shot to kick things when the new collections hit. All I wanted was to wear their soft-as-a-baby-deer's-felted-ear tights that they had introduced me too. My life and outfits were not complete without their gossamer cardi-duster. And as I am sitting here in my aerobics/running/cycling friendly joggers firmly at my desk, my belief in wearing good looking ath-leisure continues. 

In this video, Lyndsey and I casually drink iced coffees and chat away with our arms full of Clare Viver bags and leather wrapped bracelets, as we do, down the streets that surround our favorite bistro. There are horses and chain link fences, both of which were naturally found that day on the east side of downtown. Unluckily for us we were dressed for most athletic occasions not including riding horseback. But hey, we still got to hang out with more equine that day than any day since. So,  want proof that your life will change for the better? I can't promise a visit from a farm animal, but I can promise you'll not want to change your pants because they are so comfortable


This post is sponsored generously by Saint Cloud Boutique

Shot by Teresa Munisteri