A matching set

Alice + Olivian patterned coat with lace-up goddess sandals

Something I have learned over this course called ‘life’ is that, if a matching set is offered, buy the matching piece. Nothing makes an impact like repetition. 

For a while it was suits. I don’t wear suits, that is, a matching jacket + pant, or so I would think until I’m pants-less trying to get out the door. Jackets as a component to a freestyle outfit are great, but sometimes you just need to put your pants on and go. Then there were croptop/high wasted skirt combos, side tables, and lamps, that I just should have bought in pairs. That’s why, when there is a shorty-short being offered with your graphic 60’s textured printed car coat, buy them.

Alice + Olivian patterened shorts and coat with lace-up goddess sandals
Hermes bracelets and Krewe du optic sunglasses
Lace up goddess sandals

Alice + Olivia patterned shorts and coat / Pixie Market lace-up goddess sandals / Fairchild Baldwin tote /  Hermes H bracelets make your own! / Krewe du optic sunglasses

Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies 

Shot by Traci Ling