The Obligatory Jean Post


A round up of all my favorite jeans and what trends they cover.


These are the Thigh High Twiggy from James Jeans. I got to choose a pair of jeans from James (thank you even though it's unlikely you'll read this) and I chose these because A) in the sea of jeans I own I have nothing like these B) These get around a recent decision I made that I hate black jeans, & C) they are as close to a denim garter and thigh highs as I've known to have ever been invented. I got these late last week and I've worn them three times. That's denim Amore!


Meet the Racer from Citizen of Humanity. They strike a balance of skinny and straight leg while winning top prize for wash. They're the mullet of rises, dipping low in the front and rising higher in the back. I got these last year and wear them every other time I leave the house, alternating with a pair of ripped up current/elliotts from 5 years ago (pictured at top of page.) Those two jeans are the cornerstone of my closet.


These I don't own but I am really impressed by the drawstring waist. Ladies, I think we're getting a leg up on the clothing comfort revolution. Current/Elliott, you are brilliant.


These J Brands were also I gift I got to choose (thanks again most unlikely reader.) I chose these because A) the piping makes everyone's legs look like a Victoria's Secret long yet shapely legs B) these got around a decision I recently made about hating white jeans and C) the navy piping looks really good with a denim shirt (double denim!) Also, they are pretty much tight denim lady tux pants. I haven't worn these a lot, but that's mainly because they don't fit into my lifestyle of eating hot wings or drinking red wine.

That's pretty much a wrap guys. Write me if you think I left any trends out. I probably have a huge opinion about it that I'll want to share with you!