5 ways to wear denim culottes: Sweater Weather

Denim culottes and sweater- prefall style
Vintage sweater remarkably similar to this one from Red Valentino, Kenzo scarf, the same denim culottes from the previous three days, Saint Laurent bag, Michael Kors platforms
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Day 4

The back to school sales haven't even started yet, and I'm already thinking about sweater weather. I suppose it's my commitment to this trend that has me planning the upcoming season. Even if it's sweltering out there, my closet only varies between three degrees or so (roughly 78-81) with enough comfort to plan accordingly in comfort.

I don't need to cover much going on here since this is day 4 in a series, but I will say that after all my wardrobe experimenting, I'm still digging the look. I don't have to build a case for you to dive head first. In fact, click through these beauties to find a pair of your own. 

Can you feel those breezy those ankles? You're welcome. 

Michael Kors rope platforms - summer style
Shot by Traci Ling