5 ways to wear denim culottes: happy hour

Denim culotte strapless top outfit
Pixie market twist top, Kink hat, Alexander McQueen clutchdenim culottes from you know whoooo, Top Shop twist mules
Denim culotte strapless top outfit

Day 3

As it is said in scripture, "and on the third day we celebrate the middle of the week with happy hour."

That's an excerpt from the book that I'm writing. It chronicles the appropriate way to drink every night, with shoes to match. And since we're starting with shoes, I'll tell you I got these on Top Shop's online store. They are killing it with their shoes this season.

I had to try very hard to stay on task on my quest for nude shoes and not checkout with a dozen other pairs I wanted. This nude I would specifically say is 'camel,' which in all the shades of nude wins my affections for actually being nude more than light 'nude' or even lighter 'poudre.' 

Pixie Market twist front top

Moving on up to the top, nothing says "tied up in happy hour" like this twist front top. It says a lot of things actually, like "buy me" as well as "wear me to pieces" and thankfully I have been smart enough to listen at $66. I've worn it with pencil skirts like this gingham one from Stella Jean or formally with a satin culotte like these from MM6

Details: Kink hat with twist front strapless top

Are pom pom's the new tassel? It's a question worth asking.

Twist nude mules from Top Shop

See? Camel is as nude as 'nude.' Just ask Pandora Skyes.

Shot by Traci Ling