5 ways to wear denim culottes: retro

Tibi crochet top with denim culottes
Tibi crochet top, Illesteva bicolor mirror sunglasses, Chloe cross body bag (check out this similar here,) Michael Kors platforms
Tibi crochet top with denim culottes

Day 2

I may have bypassed the 70's era in years, but not in spirit. Quite a few people people have called me a hippy, probably referring to what some call spaciness, but my  'groovy' demeanor may very well begin with chunky platform shoes.

In a way the era I grew up in, the 90's, was a regurgitating of the 70's. Mules, low slung bellbottoms, long ironed-straight hair parted perfectly down the middle. I was the growing seedling of a flower child, and complete with a make-love-not-war attitute (seriously though) it only feels natural to throw on an outfit that looks as if it is entirely made from hemp. 

Tibi crochet top & Illevesta sunglasses - summer style

Thus, this rope Tibi number I purchased from a major sale. As it is pieced together by braided rope and suspended by strings. It may be barely substantial enough to be called a shirt at all, but it is perfectly ventilated for summer's hot weather. So on my body it goes.

But no matter it is you're wearing, we can all agree that it is the feet that can hold elevating powers. Sometimes literally, as in platforms. The coincidence that these are also are made of rope can take my doily of a top and make it look intentional. See ma, I can dress myself.

Michael Kors platform sandals - summer style
Shot by Traci Ling