The Shoe Diet + Newton Viceroy



How the collaboration was born……….

You’ve got to love technology. One day we may find ourselves in a Terminator-esq ‘fighting for our lives against the rise of the machines’ scenario. But come on!, in the meantime how fxxking ace is the internet and Mac Books! J.

Modern technology has effectively made this collaboration happen. My UK Friend moved to Houston, met Tamar, the friend became a blogger on my website, Tamar joined instagram, a few comments were exchanged, she seemed cool so I checked her page to see who she was (to clarify not in a stalker way), saw lots of cat pictures, kept looking, saw more pictures of cats, kept looking, finally found some pictures of her rocking a very unique style (minus cats), later went on to read the first Shoe Diet blogs and thought yep this would work on my site, how can I get her involved? Then before I had a chance to assume the dominant male role and ask her to get involved with the blogging she suggested it first. I prefer to think great minds think a like.

Who am I? …………………………….

Lets get the basics out of the way in a resume style so we can get on with the clothes.

NAME: Newton Viceroy AGE: 32 (But can easily pass for 25) ROLE: Global Visual Manager River Island Clothing Company Founder of Newton Viceroy Global Street Style

Right I promised a blog for a blog so read on, as I’m a man of my word………… Today you’re going to get a bit about me, then a bit about some of the key men’s trends I’m all over at the moment.

How I ended up doing what I’m doing………….

We are all made up of a series of genetic characteristics which we inherit from our families. Mixed in with a few social and environmental factors that shape us as we grow up.

In terms of genetics my love of dapper clothes, tailoring, pocket squares, bow ties and brogues definitely comes from my Grandad. Boy this guy was dapper. He died when I was 13 and nothing pleases me more than when people tell me how alike we are. He was a businessman, family man, slick dresser and could get anyone to do anything for him. I can only boast 2 of the above.


I can’t also rule out the influence of my dad either. His dapperness was restricted to the first thirty years of his life but as you can see from these Bruno Mars-esq pictures taken in the 1960’s, dad rocked it.


As for the social / environmental side it can all be traced back to one bus trip to Leicester with my friend when I was 17 years old. I knew fxxk all about clothes back then, I copied my friends and I bought labels. On that fateful 1997 trip I spent almost all of my wage on a £60 blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt. It was HORRENDOUS! Way to big for me and made me look like Whitney Huston on Crystal Meth. It Hung on me. However my friend told me it looked ace, so I went on to wear it for the next 2 years on key party nights in an attempt to attract girls. However this was the start of my random clothes journey where I could afford to buy what I wanted. The flood gates were well and truly open.

Skip ahead 15 years of fashion disasters and I think I’ve finally found my style niche. What’s more I’m doing a job that allows me to work across the entire planet, and a Project (Newton Viceroy Global Street Style) that I am 100% focused on that takes up the rest of my free time.

Wardrobe staples…………………….. what I wear.

• Biker jackets: I wear them all the time because they go with everything. • Plain oversized t-shirts: I don’t often wear front prints and if I do they need to be something special. Hence why I’ve developed my own NV’US range launching in August. • Blazers with pocket scarves: I NEVER EVER GO OUT ON A PROPER NIGHT WITHOUT BOTH OF THESE IN MY ARSENAL. It would be like going out naked and no one wants to see that! • Bow ties are also a must for special occasions. Special occasions being at least once a week. • Brogues: I love brogue boots, shoes, hell anything with brogue detailing is good. • Classic Trainers: Currently going down the nostalgic New Balance route. Loving the NB 620’s.


Key men’s trends to get on early…………………

• Oversized t-shirts, skinny jeans, classic trainers. Easy to wear together plus everyone loves trainers. • Smasual: Mixing traditionally smart wardrobe staples with traditionally casual elements. Try wearing a shirt and bow tie with a Leather biker. Also try wearing smart blazers with clean baseball hats. As you can see from the pictures this epitomizes my style.


In conclusion………………………

If you want to find out more please check out for the latest global street style blogs from across the world.

Also follow NV on Instagram: @newtonviceroy