Baby, it's bold outside.

Oasis chartruese coat / Equipment shirt on sale! / Citizens Of Humanity Jeans / Dior pumps on sale at Tootsies / Shot by Traci Ling

Well, winter is here, and while a lot of the world are wearing black and camel overcoats, I yearn for more. I wandered around my favorite shopping sites for what colors I could find, and behold, this yellow/green came to me. Not being sure how often I would need a chartreuse coat, I held off until luckily, Black Friday gave me the perfect excuse and price ($126 from $180!) to bite. Would I have typically spent a little more for it? Maybe, but l had gotten lucky! And while this particular coat has since readjusted itself back to it's regular price, there are still plenty of color opportunities to score in winter sales go big (color) or go home.