To logo or not to logo?

Moschino dress on sale! / Dior glasses / courtesy of Tootsies.

Shot by Traci Ling

That is the question. 

So extremely gaudy that it's amusing, maybe even perversely sophisticated.

"Adorably pretentious" is a term a good friend of mine coined to describe our group of friends. Denouncing involvement with that personality trait (Me - "who, me??? Couldn't be.."), I was let down gently (My very nice friend Garrett - "duh, you") that we were all pretentious, or had high standards, about something we were interested in. Let me give you an example: I may not know anything about Italian cuisine (not far from the truth) but your grandmother might have hand-prepered for you meatballs and penne from her rustic Sardinian village on the reg. That would give you scoffing rights to my not-as-well-honed taste in Italian eateries. So, whether it's Italian cuisine, brand of water color paints, zoos around the country, or taco stands, I bet I could count on you to have something to be snooty would you wear it on a shirt?

Nod if you agree that getting laughs while looking good never hurt anyone, especially Moschino's press.