the (big) cat's meow

Carven coat, Rag & Bone silk shirt, Haute Hippy Pant, courtesy of Tootsies. Saks fur headband.

Shot by Traci Ling.

I typically don't wear leopard print. It's a moral opposition I have to the wearing of endangered animals, even if it's dyed camel hair. So, you guys are going to promise me that you'll never think it's not cool to kill big cats, right? So we can move on to talk about the beauty of this coat...riiight? Just pinky swear that if you ever hear of someone wearing a real endangered animal that you'll wrestle them, or at least make a witty comment that makes them look dumb. Moving on, this coat's got all three major food groups in it - creme, tan, and black, thus the perfect topper for your basics. I say it can take your florals to purfection and pinstripes too. So cover those Jack Donaghy tuxedos and Canadian tuxedos with a wild cat print, just make sure no animals are harmed <3