a tale of one jacket two ways


One jacket TWO ways; one had jeans WITH holes, another without. One with a tee shirt, one with a button down. Not rocket science some would say, but none the less, it can seem that way when you have to be on the other side of town in minutes and you're still standing around in one sock wondering how you're going to wear your new cool jacket. In the store you swore you could wear it with everything, but at crunch time, you come up with nothing. In this two part study, fellow blogger, project partner and comrade Lyndsey of L. Avenue and I emerged ourselves in a scramble to come up with two totally different looks for this one House of Holland jacket, thanks to our budding relationship with awesome (and patient AND really really fun) photographer Traci, we got to document it. I hope you guys like it, because we had so much fun on this, that we'll be doing it again soon.


Stay tuned to our next wild adventure! Until next time - Peace out and Mauh -Tams, Lynds, Traci