An Idea For Couples With Pets


Image from Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling, a Ryan Gosling coloring book.

In a perfect world there would be a statement you could make that would incapsulate the love you have for your partner and their pet. Your boyfriend being Ryan Gosling and you being Eva Mendez. Then this is your perfect world, because Ryan effing Gosling wore a necklace with the name of his girlfriend's dog on it. It's the most romantic gesture of all time, sending exchanged class rings and letter jackets everywhere straight to the toilet.


So are you thinking what I'm thinking? YES, trading pet name necklaces is just like trading apartment keys and also like a BFF necklace at the same time. Something like that. Please please let's make this a thing. For the love of RyGo I'm going to get a personalized necklace made of my boyfriend's dog name, Tummy, which is not as sexy or titillating as Hugo, but I imagine will be a really good conversation starter. Won't you join me?