Things I Bought This Week - Pearl Ed.


Clockwise from top left: Bauble Bar pearl 360 stud, Forever 21 faux pear choker, Asos stack rings.

It's the dog days of summer, which means the bare minimum of clothing adorned in this heat, as well as the dregs of my summer savings, which has already been joyfully used on fabulous vacations away from this heat. Alas, with little scratch and with wanting as little body coverage, I still managed to rake in some things new. I've kept a mostly black and white summer uniform, so these pearl accessories suit the color palette without hardly making a dent in the bank account.

I was scrolling through Forever's newly listed items, something my coworkers and I like to catch up on weekly to see if there's a cheap fix we can order and then get excited about its arrival. It's been not as cheap of a habit as I thought, as I'm spending the $50 a week just to get free shipping. I'm pretty sure that amounts to ten pairs of designer shoes a year, but it feels like a deal at the time. Anyway, when the choker popped up, I had to nab it. I may be a little late to the game of the Chanel inspired pearl choker trend that Zara repeatedly sold out of, but I can at least have a maybe cold piece of the pie, and for $5.80.


Chanel spring/summer 2014



As for the earrings, I'm not a big earring wearer, I can only seem to manage a stud I can lazily not switch out, but I that also doesn't bores me, so when Lynds wrote on HH&H about these puppies, I had to grab a pair. There are a whole series of colors that range from $18-$28.

Since I was on a roll, I found these stacking ring to make my pearl trend complete for $11 or so.

I'll call it a wrap here, or until next week.