Things I Bought This Week: Metal Ed.


Clockwise from top left: silver J Brand, gold Raoul moto jacket, gold and black zippers.

When a gold motorcyle jacket turned from Raoul's 2011 cruise collection for $129, I nabbed it.  Completely inspired by Danielle Haim from the If I Could Change You Mind music video - it's so Saint Laurent, and hers probably is. Just watch it glisten as she's dancing....amazing right?

The J Brand silver skinny jeans were also something I had seen for quite a while, liked, but knew I would only wear on rock-star-channeling days. Thus I made the adult decision and passed, but when I saw them marked all the way down to the price I would pay for two gin martinis, I knew it was time.

The gold zippers were purchased after I was tipped off to an easy jean modification by friend and local fashion icon Saba Jawda, half of the Jawda and Jawda team. She buys extra long black skinny jeans and had gold zippers tailored into the outside ankle like so:


So, I did what any girl on a shoe-obssessed budget would do - get some cheap jeans and emulate. Speaking of budgets, if you have champagne taste on a beer budget then you must enjoy a good sale, right? Right. Well, I just found out about an app that notifies you when the item you're admiring goes on sale. Let me introduce Hukkster , who's motto is "buy when the time is right." It works by putting a button on your tool bar, then when you're cruising around doing your online shopping and spot something worthy of a reduced price purchase, you press the button. Try it out and let this mother hukker know what you think.