The Denim Diet - Boyfriend Jean Ed.


Illustration by Lauren Friedman

Are we still wearing boyfriend jeans? Well, look down. Are you? I remember the first time Katie Holmes was spotted wearing those baggy jeans: cuffed with flats, with that short hair cut and stripped shirt, like Where's Waldo gone wrong, and having the first conscious thought: that to my dismay, the new exciting thing in denim was in fact very ugly. The boyfriend jean was so avant guard. Me not liking it (yet) had me questioning my fashion-diligence - Does that school of thought also define being a Fashion Victim? Whatever. It's a fine line/art. I was selling stiff jeans, soft jeans, tight jeans, embroidered jeans of $500 +, gem encrusted jeans of of $1,000 + and I could pay my way with those because of the tightness on the butt. Really. That and pocket placement. All women cared about until then. So, how could I get into something that obscured the rear? It took probably 4 years, but here I am. Loud, proud, and baggy bottomed. A word to the wise though - don't really wear your boyfriend's (boyfriends'...?) jeans. Make sure they fit your hips tightly and don't droop too elephant-butt like. Plus, what'll your shacker wear on his way out?

Onto your boyfriend/ex boyfriend jeans-