Mid Finger Ring Missed Connection


Me: 5'6, brown shoulder length hair, slim build. Outfit ranges between looking like Michael Jackson and a farmer. You: Skinny yet round. Gold. Size two and three quarters.

I saw you when I left my house this morning, and later on during the day, but then you vanished. I can't stop thinking about you. I should have told you when I still had the opportunity how much you mean to me, and how I feel naked without you. I keep waiting for you to appear, but nothing ever happens. I miss seeing you. Maybe you feel the same way. Last time I saw you I was wearing a cardigan. If you want to hook up again write me a message that tells me the color so I know it's you. Hope we can rekindle what we had.

Behold the most desperate-to-stay-on jewelry trend - the mid finger ring. I had to give up on this trend rather early: these rings linger for a fortnight maximum, and neither my heart or my pocketbook can bare it. As I keep spotting ones that are fancier and more jeweled, it's tempting to join the middle-o-the-finger bling ring once more. Who knows? Maybe today will be my fingers' lucky Monday.