For you Shoeton


How the Shoeton collaboration came to be:

On an app called Instagram.

I've worked at Tootsies for nearing 9 years (gasp!) This past summer Amy came 'round as a visual merchandiser. Boy was looked rad. Coming from the U.K. she wasn't like most Texans. Her style, her sense of humor. She liked dive bars! She wore boucle jackets with jeans and studded boots! I liked her immediately. I knew she was involved with a blog. When I was throwing made up neighborhood hand signs and posting them on Instagram, she asked me to post a NVone for Newton Viceroy. Thus, the acquaintanceship. What I wasn't cognizant of was Sam. Sam is Newton Viceroy in a sense, but also has many, many fashion bloggers capturing start style globally. He said it was my idea but I think it was his to contribute to each others blogs. I'm flattered to have him dole out a post to my brand new blog. It's a good fit though, my blog, The Shoe Diet, chronicles a devotion to fashion. I know if you're following NV you can relate. I hope you read it and it makes you laugh, or a least smirk. -Tamar Mendelssohn