Saurkraut, the new Go-Gurt

Photo from thekitchn

Tangy, sour, and a perfect companion to a snitzel, sauerkraut has been lending health benefits since before it found it's way to the condiment aisle. Health-ians including pirates, civil war physicians, and my german grandmother have successfully fought scurvy as well as perfected their ruben.

Although I love any kind of kraut on my Chicago style hot dog, not just any sauerkraut will do. Only the raw, lacto-fermanted sauerkraut has Vitamin A, B, C, K, cancer fighting lactic acid, magnesium, and antioxidants. Also loaded with good bacteria and probiotics, meaning a shot if this finely chopped cabbage is as good for your lady parts as a cup of Kafir.

This is no german-grandmother passed down secret though. Health stores everywhere are selling the stuff in all varieties, including my new favorite fermentation of choice, the sauerkraut drink. Slam it like a shot, sip it like an aperitif, or mix it like a cocktail, Farmhouse Culture, makes a drink for pickle juice lovers everywhere to drink without embarrassment.

So, move your Yoplaits over a little (but keep them for you tzizki dressing) and make room for your newest salty health snack.