Why wait on white?

Aquazzura french lover white sandal

Aquazzura 'french lover' sandal courtesy of Tootsies

Shot by Traci Ling

Ah, a girl to be wed. After word got out that Raj and I were getting hitched and before anyone could say "venue" I was planning what I would be wearing. And while I bought the first wedding dress I tried on, it's the shoe purchase I really wanted to savor. Believe me, there are many avenues to go down footwear-wise: Rene Cavilla sandals that glitter in every color of the rainbow, red tasseled lace-ups that fit my red south asian theme, beautifully scalloped cut-out Alaias which would grant me endless Clueless quoting the whole nuptial evening. 

What I did not foresee, was finding the one pair two seasons ahead of my wear date. What a conundrum. What I have finally found as a suitable glass smashing shoe (do only dudes do it, and do we care? Let's be loose here) do I save the pair for the "I do" day? My answer: my shoes are going to be as virginal as I am, which means, we'll be having fun.