Things I learned while walking my dogs

Walking dogs oh The Shoe Diet

You have to stop and smell the roses, or pee in my dogs' case.

Walking dogs on The Shoe Diet

All too many times, I find myself cursing for my dogs to hurry up with their business so I can get back to my hectic life. When I signed on for the big task of dog-mom, I had imagined the role conducive to being a multi-task-dog-mom: emailing with one hand, iced coffee in another, two leashes casually attached to me and my two adorable angels, all naturally trotting at the same gait. I had foreseen no squirrel chases and mid-walk sitting spells that prolong our time on the sidewalk together. I also had not foreseen the need to stop every few steps to sniff shrubs, bushes, and tree stumps for any information (read: pee) left by the other neighborhood dogs. But I wasn't thinking like a dog. 

Walking dogs on The Shoe Diet

I had no concept that this was a top-five things to do of dog entertainment outside of our rubber balls, cat chasing, and belly rubs. This was it, this was their getting out of the apartment; their view of the outside world. Some people watch The Kardashians, my dogs have pee to smell. And why should I rush the olefactory reality show?  

I watch as the minutes pass on my iPhone. Held by a hand that's connected to an upright body that's connected to two excited, eager, and unstabalizing-of-an-iPhone dogs. I am forced to do anything but what I thought was productive. I am forced to enjoy my time with them, which is exactly what I wanted when I signed up to be their dog-mom.

Tummy halloween on The Shoe Diet
Photography by Cooper Brown Studios