Put a bangle on it

The bangle is outta the bag

Engagement bangle

Shot by Traci Ling

Hi folks. The year is 2015 and I'm writing you from N. America. There are lots of customs here that one can find here and scarcely elsewhere, like tipping, trick-or-treating, daylight savings time, and presidential turkey pardons. Alike the metric system, there are also customs around the world that are seldom seen here. Naturally, as the U.S. is regarded as a melting pot of cultures, traditions can be brought and celebrated here,  perhaps with some modification. Are you wondering where I'm going with this? Just hear me out, I'm getting there! In the South Asian peninsula, it's uncouth for a married women to be bare armed, thus, she is gifted bangle bracelets. So, although I'm not married, or shall I say married yet, Raj gave me this gold bangle to symbolize that he wanted to. The nonchalant-est of proposals.

Did he ask on bended knee? No, that isn't his tradition and that isn't 'us.' Was it romantic? Yes, because it's our story, even if there won't be a Lifetime made for TV movie about it. The details are, Raj received a Fed Ex package. He opened it and said "this is for you to show you I want to marry you" and put a beautiful gold bangle on my arm. The rest is history (I bet this story won't make the History channel either)

There you have it. We didn't tell anyone for weeks, with the hopes of a surprise wedding, which just isn't going to happen with a Jewish mother, so, the bangle is outta the bag - we are getting hitched! 

We hope you are as excited as us for two Texans having a Indian/Pakistani/Israeli wedding, because if anything, the food will be great!